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by Center for Personal Finance editors



If you're concerned about whether your savings will be enough to support you through your retirement, you may find yourself tempted to increase your investment risk in an effort to increase returns.

Don't take the leap just yet: Ask yourself three questions before taking a chance with your investments:

  1. What level of risk am I comfortable with? Experts warn against overreacting to the up-and-down nature of the market and having an "all-or-nothing" attitude when it comes to investing. If you find yourself constantly worrying about your investments, you're probably taking on too much risk.
  2. Could putting off Social Security payouts be a better option? Consider postponing Social Security benefits until age 70 to receive a higher monthly payment. If you're already receiving payments, you can elect to stop your benefit and reclaim it at age 70. This also will give you a higher monthly payment—as long as you pay back the money you previously received.
  3. Can I restructure my portfolio? Structuring your portfolio around dividend-paying stocks may be a useful strategy. In a low-interest rate environment, the quarterly income stream can be more profitable than traditional "cash" strategies.


Neither CUNA nor the author of this article is a registered investment adviser. Readers should seek independent professional advice before making investment decisions.

Published July 5, 2010

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