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by Center for Personal Finance editors



Older adults are increasingly adopting new technologies and the Internet. A recent study reports that more than half of adults age 65 and older are online. If you're not online, consider it—and incorporate some of these other technologies into your life.
  • Broadband connection: On a typical day, 70% of seniors use the Internet; using high-speed broadband makes it more enjoyable than using a dial-up connection.
  • Cell phone: You might even disconnect your land line and go mobile exclusively. Learn how to text and enjoy communication with your younger loved ones.
  • Email: Almost all Americans have an account—if you don't, you might miss opportunities to connect.
  • Desktop computer: Just about half of seniors have one. Use yours for everything from keeping track of your budget, managing your photos, and watching movies, to digging for information on the World Wide Web.
  • Laptop: Roughly one-third of seniors use them—they keep you from being stuck at a desk.
  • E-reader: Take as many books with you as you want and read them all on one eye-friendly screen.
  • Social networking sites: Since 2009, seniors have more than doubled their use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar sites. Start tweeting, posting, "friending," and checking in.

Get plugged in and stay connected.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, July, 2012

Published January 7, 2013

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